Trade better learning to use Forex signal from ThirdBrainFx (Lesson 2)

If you apply our method to trade better, you will have a better chance to win more position with more pips on each of them.

ThirdBrainFx has robots running since 2011 with an huge experience about the market and we give you the right information at the right moment but you need to understand some facts and risk before to jump on it and follow a trading discipline after.

1 – Take the membership for our telegram signal group


You go to  and select the telegram choice monthly or yearly.

If you want to have the robots directly with, you can buy the full trader pass which gives you also access to the Telegram on top of the robots.

2 – Understand signal we are sending you and how to use them

The signal you will receive is composed of this text (it’s a real example sent to the telegram group)

#GBPUSD, BUY at 1.358 SL :1.342 TP :1.386 , #thirdbrainfx, open at 2022-02-04 09:35:56, [#ID10544477].This strategy thirdbrainfx made with GBPUSD about 2040 pips during last 90 days (12 trades) for a winning percentage of 75 % and a drawdown of -480, Quality Rank (TBXSCORE) is 8 (12 is the best)

You have a lot of information in it and you need to understand them all

GPBUSD is the forex pair or metals or indices we advice you to trade with.
BUY is the sense of the trade. There is 3 sense : BUY, SELL and CLOSE

The 1.358 is the rate when we did the trade. It’s important for you because this rate is changing for each broker then if you are far away of this rate, it’s better to not follow the trades ….it could happen if you see later the trades and not few seconds after the trade was sent.

Open time is in GMT+2 ( Central European Time – Paris, Geneve)

Like the rate, it could tell you that when the trade was done. It’s also a data you need to take care about. A trade done more than 15 minutes ago is not really a trade to take EXCEPT (we will see later) if the strategy is a mid-term or long-term strategy.

The #ID1054477 is the ID of the trade (it’s an internal thirdbrainfx id ), we advice to put it in comments of your trade. The close order will come with the same ID.

The ThirdBrainFx is the name of the strategy and it’s important because each strategy has a different behavior.

You can check performances of this strategy going to :

You can see how many trades this strategy is doing in the last month etc.. this important info must guide you to follow or not the trade.

We help you also with a TBXSCORE . Here the TBXSCORE is 8.

A strategy with a TBXSCORE superior to 0 is a strategy performing :

0 – 4 : Right but with a lot of instability in the result
4 – 7 : Right but with medium result
> 7 : Good result
> 10 :  Excellent result

A negative TBX SCORE means a strategy who was not playing right during the last 90 days.

The maximal drawdown is also important for you as the winning percentage. In the statistics check also the stop loss and take profit aspect.

In this case, the message sent also the Take Profit (TP) and the Stop Loss (SL).

This value are only information and won’t be move by the robot then it’s only a advice to put them at this value but you can do differently.