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ThirdBrainFx has been operating since 2010 and is a software application designed to buy and sell foreign currencies and financial instrument automatically .

This software is made up of multiple software called robo-advisor, each of which is independent of the others, and which are essentially based on mathematical algorithms. Robo-advisors will in 2020 manage US $255bn of Assets worldwide.

Our Robo-Advisors are based on several years of development on man-machine interfaces designed to reproduce the behavior of a human trader, our aim is to understand the motivations of leading traders to take advantage of the remarkable opportunities available in the foreign and stock exchange market.

This is the biggest market in the world, with trillions of dollars traded every day. Our(s) software(s) are designed to give you a small place at that table and help your savings grow with rates of return that you will never get from your bank, even though it uses YOUR money to carry out the same foreign exchange transactions every day. We are confident that one of our products will match your risk profile and financial requirements.

ThirdBrainFx is built by ThirdBrain SA. ThirdBrain SA is swiss company based in Switzerland, incorporated in Jura, and have a representative office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

ThirdBrain SA has developed a unique area of expertise in Pacific currencies on the forex market, which is particularly recognized in Japan 

One of the Japan biggest brokers, Invast gave the company the award for the Best Forex Strategy 2012 and Award of the best new strategy in 2013,2014 and 2015,

The "Logic" of ThirdBrain SA is to provide to customers a solution for their wealth from 100 USD to billions of USD.


What is this software doing?

This software will play on the forex and stock market - the financial market - to give you back money with your money.

This software is using the latest researches about artificial intelligence, big data, and emotions to raise the chance of success compared to a classic trader journey.

Our goal is to multiply by 7 the chance to win with a classic trading account compared to the 10% of success rate for an classic forex trader.

The 7 is the goal to reach.

For the moment the robot is close to 2 to 5.

You have the 2 times to 5 times more chance to win using the thirdbrainfx robot than playing in Forex under others conditions

You can see how the robot is performing by following the live performance page.


How can i use this robot ?

You have basically 2 options : download the robot and install the robot following the page how to install the robot after downloading the robot itself going to the page download or let us host all the robot following the step let ThirdBrainFx host my robot : in this case, just send us an email at to get demo hosted in our server during 1 month.

 You need also to have a MetaTrader 4 running in your computer if you want to host the solution.

We advise you to take one of the brokers which has success with us going to the global account performance page.


Is the gain sure?

No, it's a high-risk method but we are improving day by day our result.


Do you help your client to install the robot ?

Yes, we can help at