Take the best from Cryptocurrencies with the Crypto Manager

The crypto manager helps you to follow the wealth of your portfolio of hundred of coins

Just fill the number of coins you have by currencies and the system will update your portfolio value accordly.

With free edition you can setup 1 portfolio free of charge. With premium you will be allowed to manage up to 3 portfolios.

Crypto Manager is the place where you can follow existing portfolios of cryptocurrencies and simulate too virtual portfolios.

And you can setup alerts on the total wealth of all your portfolio. We will send you an email if the portfolio you have selected cross this minimal limit or the maximal limit.

The crypto manager send you every 10 minutes, every hour, every day , every week or every month the value updated of your portfolio

Very confortable when you want to know where your portfolio level is due to the volatility of the cryptocurrencies, you can setup alert from 10 minutes to every month. An email will be sent with the composition and the total wealth at the moment of the email is sent.

This alert can be setup by portfolio. One portfolio can have an alert every 10 minutes and another every month for example. 


You can setup up to 3 differents portfolios in the premium access with the Trader – Pass and 1 portfolio free of charge without

A bar at right of the prices show you also where the price is between the absolute minimum and absolute maximum since plateform started (march 2022) and now.

It’s an indication very usefull to know if you are close the highest price during the period or the lowest one.

If you put your mouse on the figures (here for example 0.7377 and 1.245) you will also see what date it was.


You can setup alert on prices level : you can setup 2 prices level by currencies and you will be alerted when the prices is crossing this level

You can setup alerts in each portfolio with different cryptocurrencies.

Free of charge you have 3 alerts (3 minimum and 3 maximum setuped), 10 with premium access with the trader pass.

You can see an example of email alert we are sending you below