ThirdBrainFx is built by ThirdBrain SA. ThirdBrain SA is swiss company based in Switzerland, incorporated in Jura, and have a representative office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We are producing professional forex signals and expert-advisors since 2011.

ThirdBrain SA has developed a unique area of expertise in Pacific currencies on the forex market, which is particularly recognized in Japan.

One of the Japan biggest brokers, Invast gave the company the award for the Best Forex Strategy 2012 and Award of the best new strategy in 2013,2014 and 2015.

The “Logic” of ThirdBrain SA is to provide to customers a solution for their wealth from 100 USD to billions of USD.

We are here to serve companies, professional(s) and serious amateur traders

If you have questions,inquiries, please write us at

Awards 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 of the best forex strategy (Invast Co LTd Japan)

ThirdBrainFx NZD/JPY is finishing 2th of the 2015 contest
ThirdbrainFx is ranked 3rd and 5th best strategies in 2014 !
ThirdBrainFx won also a prize in 2013
ThirdBrainFX took home 3 prizes at 2012’s Invast best strategy forex awards. The award comes from one of the biggest brokers in Japan; Invast Co LTD. ThirdBrainFX scooped the following awards : Best investor return , Best pips gained (9’000 pips) and Best client award.