The Crypto Manager helps you to take the best from Cryptocurrencies

As a crypto trader, i always wanted to have a software where i can easily follow the value of my portfolio and have alert concerning the rates of the currencies i am following.

I did not really find the software i wanted after tested a lot then we decided at ThirdBrain SA to create one. We are adding each  new functionnalities often.


This software is the Crypto Manager you can join by signup :

What can you do with Crypto Manager ?

1 – Create portfolios of cryptocurrencies

We , for the moment, took the currencies in the Binancex plateform but we will add soon more.

Just tape the number of coins you have by cryptocurrencies in the form “Quantity”. All will be updated accordly.

The value of the portfolio is computed in USDT .

Why USDT ? because it’s a stable coin with a fix rate more or less with USD. It’s the easiest way to compare portfolios between them and to note progression of the portfolio.

2 – Create alerts on the price of the currencies.

Filling the Min Alert and Max Alert, you will receive an email when the price cross the minimal or the maximal price. You are limited to 3 alerts with a free account and 10 alerts for a premium account. Contact us if you need more alerts.

In this example we will send you an email if the rates of MANA cross 2.1 and/or the rates of MANA cross 2.3

1 alert is a couple of MIN/MAX then in this case is counted as 1 ALERT . You have 3 alerts of this style for a free account. Upgrading getting a Trader pass and you will have 10.

3 – Receive alerts from 10 minutes to every month for the total value of EACH portfolio

Going to your profile :

You are able to pick for each portfolio a frequency of update. We send you the value of your portfolio.

4 – See what is the range of price since inception of the website.

This the #KSM price in the example. Now the rate is at 183.2  and the minimum was 115.9 . If you pass over the mouse the 115.9 you will see that this minimum was reached the 2022-03-15 at 07:15:04

Same thing for the maximum of 206.5

You see that the price is going to the maximum . It’s an important indication when to keep in the portfolio or not and when to take your benefit.

Many others services will come soon …stay in touch

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