What is the price of your freedom ?

Created within the framework of the popular vote of November 28, 2021 / Modification of the COVID-19 law, this work invites the Swiss population to question themselves about the consequences of their vote.

“What is the price of Freedom? is an NFT, a digital work that seeks to provoke reflection on the value and price of Freedom.

Provocative, it plays with symbols in order to lead everyone to find answers to this question while trying to question the subject on the endangerment of its freedoms.

The determination of its price is naturally symbolic.

The number 1984 refers to the literary work of the same name, a prophecy of the surveillance society. The excessively disproportionate monetary value refers to the liberticidal health measures that have been put in place, based on a weighing of questionable interests.

The notion of digital value made possible by the NFT allows the absurdity of putting a monetary price on the notion of Freedom and integrates it into the world of the Blockchain. This approach also attempts to provide an element of response as to the existing technological solutions allowing the creation of a distributed Internet resilient to censorship and thus advocating Freedom of expression.

“What is the price of Freedom? This work seeks to remind all Swiss citizens, but also citizens of the world, never to forget that the pillar of any democracy is based on the fundamental notion of Freedom.
Despite all the suffering and difficulties we face, our Freedom, so hard won during the history of humanity, should not have a price, because it is an inestimable universal value and therefore absolutely NON negotiable.


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