what are the secrets of a good cryptocurrencies portfolio ?

What are the secrets of a good cryptocurrency portfolio ?

In 2 years, our cryptocurrency portfolio gained 300%, injecting around 6’000 CHF in 2 years, we have now around 30’000 CHF.

The secret of a good cryptocurrency portfolio

The secret of a good cryptocurrency portfolio

Note that we use cointracker.io to follow and care about ours statistics for the portfolio.

Like you see the deposit we are making follow a yellow line with the dot :

The secret of a good cryptocurrency portfolio

The secret of a good cryptocurrency portfolio

Until November 2020, the performance of the portfolio was just equal to the deposit we made and then after 1 year the portfolio begin to grow quickly.

The Bitcoin (#BTC) did +280% in the same period, then our performance doesn’t come exactly only with the #BTC, we performed better following an exclusive portfolio strategy we are upgrading each month.

This way to think cryptocurrency portfolio avoid us too big volatility on the portfolio and give us up to +1000% on some asset following a series of rules. You can see in this part of screenshot a +983% on one asset but we are sure that the majority of all the assets we have picked will follow exactly the same trend. In this case, for this asset, we put only 355.61 CHF and we have now 3’500 CHF.

The secret of a good cryptocurrency portfolio

The secret of a good cryptocurrency portfolio

ThirdBrainFx is producing robots and we are making research since beginning of cryptocurrencies producing our own cryptocurrencies simulating what could be the natural behavior of any asset in this big family.

This rules came from a robot, yes, but we won’t sell the robot – he has no real price to be honnest with the rules he can create for us – but we can share with you what are the rules this robot is producing.

Indeed the ThirdBrainFx Crypto Robot produces “rules” of portfolio management, decision guide and not trades.

We beleive and we are sure that to make a good portfolio of cryptocurrencies, you must :

  • 1 – Do not trades a lot. Move at minimum your asset. Pick the right one and stick on it
  • 2 – Inject Funds (fiat or crypto ones) at the good moment.
  • 3 – Pick the right cryptocurrency at the right moment following basics rules
  • 4 – Convert cryptocurrency to another when you need it but try to avoid at maximum that.

This 4 rules comes with our 2 years of robot experience which is producing its own rules with an classic machine learning process.

But the most important rule – the 5th – is the really “key” of the good cryptocurrency portfolio :

  • 5 – what is the exact composition of our portfolio with what exchange platform ?
  • 6 – and what are the movement of this portfolio ?

We will show you the exact composition of the portfolio and we will expose you all the trading orders of our robot in a section reserved for our holder of the Trader’s Pass.

In this section, you will see analysis on the asset we are picking, why we are picking them and why the robot is holding them now.

Following the new rules of the robot will discover, you will be up to date on latest cryptocurrencies progress without reading tons of news in internet, just following us here. We are doing the job and our robot has proved that he can perform perfectly in a very uncertain market.

To make this move, subscribe to our lifetime membership taking the TRADER PASS and we will show you the rules 5-, rules 6-, the exact portfolio composition and all our(s) movement(s) in this portfolio for your lifetime.

No monthly or yearly subscription to care about, you get the Trader Pass and you are onboard with ThirdBrainFx.

Some lucky traders who paid few bucks in 2011 are still with us now ! with 10 years of advices, robots and trading progress !

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