ThirdBrainFx automated robots

What ThirdBrainFx gives you and others doesn’t give you.

ThirdBrainFx is producing robots for Forex Market since 2011 serving dozens of thousands of traders worldwide.

The membership you will get at only 159 USD lifetime subscription will give you access to our robots, the spirit we are developing and the advice we are giving you to play correctly on the forex market.

With ThirdBtainFx, your advantages are :

  • Robots with Metatrader4 with history since 2011 : Lynx, Sphynx, ThirdBrainFx, OnTheRiver have results stored live by third-parties like tradency since 2011.
  • Full transparency on signals given : you are receiving ALL. Telegram make a choice among the best but we give you a page where you can see all trades.
  • The access to club where we will share all good advices we are daily praticing with forex but also cryptocurrencies soon.

And all this features are bundled into an unique access via the Trader Pass.

No recurring payment to worry about, you pay one time and you access, for life, to our system.

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