The US Covid19 stimulus check is used to buy Bitcoin.

We try to analyze the #BTC blockchain since many years to predict trends of the BTC. We have an heavy coincidence et multiples probes that the US #Covid19 stimulus check was used to store #BTC – Bitcoin –


The raise of buying volume is just at the moment when the first check continues to hit the bank acccount of a lot of americans that prefer now #BTC to USD or even GOLD.


The US stimulus check was used to buy Bitcoin

The US stimulus check was used to buy Bitcoin


We have indeed a clear intitution that this scenario is the same worldwide when public policies are throwing money to mitigate effect of their own policies against Covid19 (the virus did not killed any businesses, only politicians did).

We are building our offer in cryptocurrencies based on a very long and serious study since many years.

We decided some years ago to not produce robots with crypto because passive trading and “holdings” are better then active trading and can give you even in small time window a good return (contrary to Forex where you would need to wait a very long time and with no real sure effect with holdings).

Following some policies we can easily predict that #BTC will raise.

Not only the #BTC, we have much better result with a lot of others cryptocurrencies like Decentraland #MANA , Cardano #ADA, Ziliqa #ZIL, Stellar #XLM and Tron. #TRX