The journey with automated trading robots is different between each trader, we explain you why – Lesson II.

When you use an automated trading robot for forex, stocks or metals, your journey will depend a lot of the moment you start with this robot.

The important “Key Indicator” will be when you have probability to have a winning account and what % of gain you can reach after what time but the beginning of your journey will be very “random” and you will have to wait some weeks or months before to have the real curve coming.

For example, if we take the robot OnTheRiver with GBPUSD , you have this curve :

OnTheRiver GBP/USD

OnTheRiver GBP/USD

(you may see complete statistics going

You can see that starting at the beginning will give a small gain during trades and trades. Starting around the 750th trades will bring you very high return of investissement.

It’s why when you see the result of a trading account even if this result is 100% authentic, there is few chances you will see exactly the same things with YOUR ACCOUNT.

After 1 month, 6 months, 1 year you may see that the good strategy will bring you the % you wanted but you need to be patient and understand that patience is always the key in finance.

For example with 10 trades in a row

Day 1 : + 50 pips
Day 2 : + 100 pips
Day 3 : – 100 pips
Day 4 : -20 pips
Day 5 : + 150 pips
Day 6 : +10 pips
Day 7 : – 50 pips

Robert start with 1’000 USD on DAY 0
Maria with 1’000 USD in DAY 3
Jules with 1’000 USD in DAY 6.

If one pip = 1 USD .

Robert at DAY 8 will have 1’140 USD.
Maria at DAY 8 will have 990 USD
Jules at DAY 8 will have 960 USD.

Only Robets gained money in this 10 trades row while Maria and Jules lost money. Do we conclude that the strategy is bad ?

No, because we need to see in long term. This 10 trades won’t count at all among 1’000 trades. Pick carefully the strategy you can nervously handle and just stick on it. It’s the only true advice we can give you.

Warren Buffet used to say that financial market is a game where impatient people give money to patient ones. We are in.