The moved panel with the indicators of B.Williams, for strategy Trading chaos. It shows a direction of indicators AO, AC, and MACD.

The given Information indicator is devoted to all fans of theories and Bill Williams’s methods.

The indicator will help all those who only has started studying theories

B.W. For the best visualization of process of the analysis of the schedule, on a method of the author.

The moved panel.

The panel is positioned in relation to bars of the schedule, including from the first visible at the left, and the price in relation to maximal on a scale of the schedule. The algorithm not the most convenient also has some inconveniences at switching TF.

To move the panel on the necessary place, it is necessary to select its contour (rectangular), by a double click, and to drag it for the center under the schedule. With arrival of a new tic, contents of the panel also “will

jump” into the contour.


It is possible to move manually only to

down and to the right from a pregoing site. If you have overdone, it is necessary to press key DELETE to remove the selected contour.


After that the contour and the panel will be restored in the left top corner of the screen, and it will be possible to begin dragging all over again.

Except for arrows and signatures of indicators on the panel there are two small badges: a hand and a handbell .

The “hand” serves for switching ON and OFF of the manual dragging. Switching OFF fixes the panel. Switching ON and OFF occurs also by selection of a badge of the “hand” and removal by the key DELETE, or through the menu.

The badge will be restored by other color and with the switched option.

Handbell” works the same way . It gives a signal about the unidirectional movement of indicators, and it is automatically switched off.

The static panel.

The static panel is arranged easier and is set by the parameters of coordinates in pixels, and the corner of position.


Both panels have two color theme for white and black schedules as it is pleasant to you.

Parameter White_Chart_Theme (True or False) defines what of subjects to use.


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