Tick Chart and Record

Tick Chart and Record

Record, storage and displays of data, fully tick chart in MT.

Structure of tick file:

  • iTime – modelling time.
  • iOpen – quote BID
  • iLow – quote BID
  • iHigh – quote ASK
  • iClose – quoteASK
  • iVolume – Time from a server, precision to the second.


  • Start the indicator to a chart. To open a tick chart -> File -> Open Offline -> “name of the symbol with the prefix tick”. For example tickAUDUSD, M1


  • Start the indicator to a chart, and save the template to “default”, now when you open any chart, ticks data will automatically be written.
  • Open the needed symbols for recording, and save them to your profile, click on File -> Profiles -> “Your Profile”, it open all the charts required for record.


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