It is sometimes necessary to display your information as a table or as a set of tabulated lines. There is no problem to simply display several lines in the main window, you should just use Comment(line_1,”\n”,line_2,”\n”…). See example Comment2

However, function Comment () displays information only in the main chart window. But we sometimes may need to show it in an indicator subwindow. In this case, the following example may be useful.

The indicator displays contract specification for a specific symbol. Function

void PrepareInfo(string & array[][])

fills the two-dimensional string array using function MarketInfo(). Then this array is displayed with the function

void Show(string valueArray[][])

This function is universal, so it can be used to display any two-dimensional arrays. Function

void  RefreshAccountInfo()

is necessary to update information when switching between symbols, timeframes or accounts.


All specification details are calculated and displayed only once, i.e., no updates are performed at every tick.
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