Plotting the ROC indicators of two custom types (including Momentum) and periods in one window.

The following is the table of Rate-Of-Change implemented in TA-LIB:


MOM = (price – prevPrice) [Momentum]

ROC = ((price/prevPrice)-1)*100 [Rate of change]

ROCP = (price-prevPrice)/prevPrice [Rate of change Percentage]

ROCR = (price/prevPrice) [Rate of change ratio]

ROCR100 = (price/prevPrice)*100 [Rate of change ratio 100 Scale]


Here are the equivalent function in other software:

TA-Lib | Tradestation | Metastock

MOM | Momentum | ROC (Point)

ROC | ROC | ROC (Percent)

ROCP | PercentChange | –

ROCR | – | –

ROCR100 | – | MO


The MOM function is the only one that is not normalized, and thus

should be avoided for comparing different time series of prices.

ROC and ROCP are centered at zero and can have positive and negative


value. Here are some equivalence:

ROC = ROCP/100

= ((price-prevPrice)/prevPrice)/100

= ((price/prevPrice)-1)*100

ROCR and ROCR100 are ratio respectively centered at 1 and 100 and are
always positive values.

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