Rj_HSlice 1.1

Rj_HSlice 1.1

The indicator shows the buy/sell ranges.

The green zone means that at these price levels, more buys in a certain period of time represents a numerical value on how many contracts the difference. The red zone represents the sales. So somewhere between Call/Put and Support/Resistance.

The indicator calculates the Rj_Volume minute period and transmits the data to Rj_HSlice 1.1. This indicator should be used in conjunction with other indicators.

Installation: Throws two files in Terminal \ experts \ indicators, compiling editor and Rj_HSlice attach to the chart.

Rj_Volume do not attach to the chart.

Lack of him that on the 5-digit terminal value bump against each other.

In Rj_HSlice 1.1 added modified HF calculation data, ie not only minute blunder but the other FFs.
CalcPeriod = 1, all in minutes. If the rendering must be done in the time say FF, then the place must 60. Protection against configuration errors, even if it put 50, it will still look for the closest senior timeframe.

A commentary in the upper left corner indicates which TF is calculated.
ShowLevelsOn = true; by default shows all price levels. false removes all levels.
ShowContractOn = true; same thing, only with the values ​​of the contracts. removes all false values.
BackgroundLevelOn = true; When the ShowLevelsOn background rendering.
ShowTurningOn = true; Sets the support line of resistance. At certain levels, the values ​​of contracts are similar. To do this, there is an option
PercentDiscrep = 0.2; rate differences, by default, 20%, ie difference between the levels of no more than 20%. 0.1 is 10%, etc etc.

The lines are changed dynamically, but you can still keep track of where and how the price behaves, respectively, from this you can draw any conclusions.

ColorLine = Aqua; color lines.

ShowLevelsOn = false.

If you are interested, the essence of the idea is as follows:

If the candle Open [] <Close [], then
buy = (High []-Low [])+( Close []-Open [])
sell = High []-Low [] then dist = Volume [] / (buy + sell) = volume of distribution / point, and then the arrays are going to
Call = dist * buy / sell
Put = dist

Same with the bearish candle, just mirrored.

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