Multiple ZigZags in a single window

Multiple ZigZags in a single window

For the fans of ZigZag: a small indicator that draws multiple ZigZags from different timeframes on one timeframe. Four ZigZags are implemented (H1, H4, D1, W1). The timeframe should be selected as the minimal of the displayed ones, i.e. here it is H1. On all other timeframes, it is drawn incorrectly, there are no timeframe checks.

Almost the same is present in ZUP by nen (DT mode). I decided to make a separate indicator to demonstrate the algorithm itself, which allows displaying of the indicators from other timeframes on the current one. Please note the checks in the start() function: they are required for the correct display of the “other” ZigZags, to make sure there are no plateaus near their extremums.

The ZigZag edited by Rosh is also attached. The code is not large, so replacing this ZigZag with another is not difficult. For that, it is enough to make changes to the external parameters and to the ZZ() function: all the ZigZag parameters are “hidden” within the function. If the parameters need to be changed depending on the timeframe, it will be a little more difficult, but not daunting.

The ZigZag colours correspond to the rainbow colours in ascending order («Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain»): red – H1, orange (here – Goldenrod) – H4, green – D1, blue – W1.

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