Multi Pair Pivot Point Scanner Alerts 2.8

Multi Pair Pivot Point Scanner Alerts 2.8

Scans multiple symbols looking for when the price crosses a pivot point or when xxPoints Near or bounce off pivot then it alerts the trader.

Pivot Point Types

  1. Standard (Floor)
  2. Fibonacci
  3. Woodie
  4. Camarilla

All Pivot Point Timeframes

More Features

  1. Toggle false/true for popup or mobile alerts
  2. Set alert wait interval between same alert message
  3. Time frames toggle false/true for daily/weekly/monthly pivot point cross alerts
  4. Set Symbol prefix and postfix (if none leave blank)
  5. Enable/Disable specified pivot point to be alerted
  6. Alert when xxPoints Near pivot point
  7. Bounced off pivot point alerts
  8. Option to scan symbols in Market Watch instead of the list
  9. Bollinger Bands upper-lower filter alerts
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