Fibo For Yesterday and Last Week

Fibo For Yesterday and Last Week

Using Golden Section Analysis of the market for yesterday and last week.

The core is to calculate the start and end times of yesterday or last week. A week of the market begins at 17:00 EST (USA EAST UTC -5) on Sunday, the market continues till Friday 17:00.

Input parameters:

  • startWeekDayOfWeek — the first day of the week, 1 for East, 7 for West
  • minTimeFrames — minimum timeframe
  • maxTimeFrames — maximum timeframe

Colour settings:

  • TimeRangeColor — time range line
  • PriceRangeColor — price range line
  • PriceMarkColor — price value mark
  • GoldenSectionColor — golden section line


  • Input Parameters:
    • showFibo — show golden section
    • init_YesterdayFibo, init_LastWeekFibo — indicator initialization complete. The limit index is only initialized once, if the date has not changed, it’s easy to change the target object, such as increase the proportion of the modified golden ratio.
  • Added description information(OBJPROP_TEXT) for an object.
  • YesterdayFibo on AUDUSDPro M30:
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