DS Stochastic

DS Stochastic

The Indicator DS_Stochastic presents an original Stochastic Oscillator (Stoch), in which aplying EMA smoothing.

The Indicator Fast Stochastic is removed on graph in the manner of two lines %K and %D.

The Formula of the calculation of the indicator Fast Stochastic is following:

DIF1(i) = EMA(Close(i) – MaxHigh(N), S);

DIF2(i) = EMA(MaxHigh(N) – MinLow(N), S);

%K(i) = 100*DIF1(i) / DIF2(i);

%D(i) = 100*EMA(DIF1(i), P) / EMA(DIF2(i), P);

Close(i) – a price of the closing of the current bar;
MaxHigh(N) – maximum High for N previous period;
MinLow(N) – minimum Low for N previous period;
EMA – exponential moving average;
N – a length of the range of the calculation High/Low;
S – a period of the smoothing for %K(i);
P – a period of the smoothing for %D(i).

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