Doda-Donchian with stop-loss feature

Doda-Donchian with stop-loss feature

This is the modified version of the Donchian channel indicator, popularly known as the famous turtle indicator.  The result is a single line, making simple but one of the power indicator.

Buy: When the price closes above the Doda-Donchian line

Sell: When price closes below the Doda-Donchian line

Stop-loss: Few pips away from the Doda-Donchian line.

Works with any currency pair, CFD etc.



  • Use a higher time frame like H4. It works best there.
  • It happens many times that price kisses the Doda-Donchian line, so it may trigger your stop-loss. So, place your stop loss few pips above/below this line.
  • Even if price moves above or below, that does not make any sense for change of signals. The candle MUST close above / below for confirmation.
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