The indicator calculates either the distance of the current price from the opening price or the distance between the High and Low price, whichever is selected.

The calculation is performed for all pairs available (not hidden) in the “Market Watch” window, then the values are sorted descending/ascending and they are output to the buttons.

Clicking the button opens a chart of the corresponding symbol in a separate window.


  • Method — selection of the calculation method (opening-closing or high-low).
  • A number of buttons — the number of currency buttons displayed.
  • Pressing the MODE button changes the sorting mode to “ascending/descending”.
  • To exclude a pair from the calculation it should be removed from the “Market Watch” window.


  1. Response to pressing the MODE button happens with a delay (the code is heavy).
  2. The maximum number of pairs to calculate — 50 (in code #define LINES 50).
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