Profits your EA(s) have made on your account

Profits your EA(s) have made on your account 

The combination of the two indicators are showing the profits your EA has made at a certain period

YourEAHistoryProfits will be showed on the main chart You can choose colours, font size, font type and where on the chart to place.

Version one will have maximal 5 magic numbers to input and it has not the opportunity to show the name(s) on the chart

It was made to show the profit of one EA with different Magic numbers.


Maximal 10 magic numbers for version 2. It takes the profits all symbols or only the chart symbol for calculating the profits of the closed trades in the history of your account. With the magic number, you can also place the name…


  • extern string datetobegin= “year1_month_day”;
  • extern datetime firstday=D’2011.05.01′;// 1 may 2011
  • extern string finishday= “year2_month_day”;
  • extern datetime lastday=D’2011.08.01′;
  • extern string All_Pairs= “True: All Pairs — False: Chart Symbol()”;
  • extern bool All_pairs= True;
  • extern int Magic1 = 0;
  • extern string EAnameMagic1 = “”;


  • extern int yline = 10; //go down chart with higher input
  • extern int xcolom1 = 10; // place more to the right higher the volume
  • extern int xcolom2 = 150;
  • extern color TotalsUpColor = Lime;
  • extern color TotalsDnColor = Red; // different colors for up and down last closed trade
  • extern color ProfitUpColor = Green;
  • extern color ProfitDnColor = Red;
  • extern color DefaultColor = Blue;
  • extern string note3 = “Font Size”;
  • extern int MagicNrsSize=8;
  • extern int EAnameSize=10;


This is a little of the code from YourEAHistoryProfits the font type is also to choose



EA Profit is an indicator that is placed in a separate window

This indicator shows the closed trade results and the results of the open trades.

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