Market Flow Analysis Method (MFAM) Indicator for Price Action

Market Flow Analysis Method (MFAM) Indicator for Price Action

The program keeps track of Highest Highs (& Lowest Lows) and also whether there a trend change seems to be taking place.

The bold Red & Green indicate the Highest High & Lowest Low. The fainter cyan & magenta lines track Active High & Low, which may become Highest/Lowest if a Price Break occurs.

The theory is that you go long when price breaks through the Highest High, or short when it breaks drops below Lowest Low. This is signalled when the green line jumps up, or the red line down.

Whilst developing it, I initially just tracked ‘periods since Highest High’ etc into a separate chart. With a one-line source change (indicator chart) & one parameter, this can be recreated.

There is also another parameter to limit how long a Highest High etc can be active for (This was added with the intention of removing the usage of 4 buffers, but has not been done).

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