Clear Method

Clear Method

To set up coloured candle charts:

  • Switch to Line Chart;
  • in Chart Properties window, set Line Chart Color to None (the entire price graph will disappear);
  • Copy the ClearMethod.mq4 file to the Indicator directory, it will be used by iCustom();
  • Add ClearMethodCandles1 (this must be the first), then ClearMethodCandles2 to the chart;
  • If you use the black backgrounded chart, set the IsBlackChart parameter to true for both indicator.

The histogram shows the distance from the actual switching threshold.

Signals (ClearMethodSignals.mq4):

  • Clear signal(x): breaking Clear Line (candles change colour here)
  • Move signal(arrow): Clear Line moves again after a flat (see image below)
  • Alert: After a closed bar signal, at the first tick of the next bar

The drawings and the alerts can be separately switched off.

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