Strategy Type

Trend Trading (trades following the current market direction).

Strategy Style

Swing Trading(medium term style of trading where trades are held for anywhere from one day to several weeks)

Maximum of trades running at the same time: 1

Stop Loss: 130

List Of Indicators

About our Strategy

Lynx is a surfing strategy which use CCI and Force Index to determine the entry point and the exit point. Lynx will continue to monitor the opened position with the same rules of entry’s point calculation. If a new entry point is found and the profit is thought as correct, Lynx will close the position and open a new one. It’s a “”Surfer”” strategy : when we have a good wave, we ride at the maximum the wave. The Stop Loss is around 130 pips. Only one trade is running at the time. This strategy can be a very conservative strategy.

Strategy: Lynx