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What is the ThirdBrainFx Trading Floor ?

The Trading Floor is a live session where ThirdBrain's Traders are talking live to you showing you how to trade mixing boths automated strategies, manual trading style and mindset. We buid a trading tribe with us.

We , indeed, figure out, that the best to trade correctly is to mix good signals - we are producing tons of them since 2010 -, and basic trading rules and human eyes and soul are the best at it

It's clear and very practical step by step learning program with the help of our powerfull "thirdbrain", we are using it to move our 100'000 CHF around trading account split in 10'000 CHF around account since 2016 with goods results and we are now ready to share with you what we discovered

What will i learn and how ?

The ThirdBrain Method

No matter if you are a full beginner, an experimented trader or just curious, with a small group students with of our people, we teach you the ThirdBrain Method.

How ?

From 09:00 AM GMT+3 to 18:00 PM GMT+3, we are running continous live session from Monday to Friday with trading manager showing how they are trading and why they are acting like they are acting

They teach you "by example" with live account (with our own money), and you can interact with them live, with video cam, chat, and sounds

Ok, nice, why your offer is so unique ?

We give sense to now 10 years of experience producing forex signals correctly, we add the money management "manually" and we think with human brain with the help of this signals.

You have a powerfull technical tools with the state of the art of the art of trading

Both mixed give you an outstanding advantage compare to others traders in the market

Do i need to stay in front of my screen during many hours every day ?

No, you can come and exit the room when you want, you will have in any case additionnal support sent by your trading manager : each student will have a trading manager for him/her

You can consume all the day or only 5 minutes in the morning to place your trades, it's your choice

Your personnal trading manager follows you

Each trading manager manages directly his students and is reachable for private skype session, phones and email within a timetable all student have

You can ask questions, and check if you are running in the good way with your trading account

Do i need to have a live account ?

No, even it's better with but not at the beginning. You can start with a demo - it's what we advice in any case when you start. Step by step you will raise your self-confident level

Ok, good, how i can join the tribe ?

When a group is full, we need to wait a new slot to open again registration. You need to register to our mailing list for call of students and wait for it.

By the way, how it costs to join the tribe ?

We have different plan, to have all informations register with the form after and we will send you all the informations about our program

Join the waiting list of the Trading Floor Tribe