Trading is simple , Our Robots too.

Trading is a simple world.

First, all is in the charts. Prices are all. 

No matter of what happened or what will happen.

Trying to find a why when there is no answer is the first error you may do.

Looking at the charts, computing rights your exposure, and betting the right amount is the difficulty of the simplicity.

Don't play when you don't have to play is the second difficulty of the simplicity you are exposed.

Traders are like snipers in all elite's unit : they have to be at the right place to shoot when the target is clear and identified.

If they shoot too early, they miss the target and their location is not any more hidden. If they shoot too late, they miss the target and the punition is the same as too early. Only sniper who shoot at the right moment complete their mission.

What we did during years at ThirdBrainFx is to study how someone can become a good sniper and others never will.

Differences made strategies. How do you take the decision to enter the market and what is the feeling who push you to exit ?

Fears and Greed no ?

Our robot are designed to fit the market, wait for the good window to enter and not control but simulate fear and greed to be able to push the boundaries enough to make the good deal you are waiting for.

It's all our robot. We are simulating human's decision process and not killing it.



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