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The revolution of FinTech has a name : ThirdBrain

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data & Speed


We built since 2010, thousand of behaviors on the financial market. This behaviors use ALL technical indicators known on the market to produce "neuronal signal" to our central brain - the ThirdBrain - 

ThirdBrain Technology takes the neuronal signals into "his brain" and imitate human's decision mechanism based on emotions. "Emotions" are for us all this little signal representing all the behaviors possible on the market. We use theories of human's emotions management to predict trends

Our servers compute into the ThirdBrain all combinaison and forecast with classic financial ratio (Skewness, Kurtosis, MaxDD, ..) to deliver the right trades to be sent to the market at the right moment.

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The company is based in Switzerland and works with swiss partners to secure your funds from 100 USD to billions of USD.

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