Perfect for children, scholar, and adults who don't want to be trapped in a website where they don't want to go. 

Can be used with any browser with desktop or mobile.


Our robot uses latest anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware algorythm to keep you safe online when you surf online via your browser

Malware, Spyware free


Surf without ads, offensive adult(s) website (s) ,malware,spyware and stay safe online
thanks to our PROXY based on Thirdbrain Algorythm

We kill the ads for you, you can surf without being trapped by bad ads.

Ads free


We are filtering content and block website with Adult(s) content(s). Perfect to let a teenager alone in front of a computer

Block adult(s) website(s)

No sex
We are blocking all major adult(s) website(s), social network and a lot of websites which can be attack the sensibility of the youngest.

Feel safe

Our ThirdBrain Team is updating our software every day with latest website to be blocked, content to be avoided etc..


We are searching how to improve our way to filter right to block offensive(s) content(s) without blocking knowledge research.



What’s Inside

Robot Author

Co-Founder, ThirdBrain SA

Pierre Jean Duvivier

My wife asked me to protect my daughter from the harmful content of the world wide web. I answered by using the research we did with our financial robot and adapt this research to the content filtering. Our robot doesn't only block by classic blacklist list but makes difference between interesting content and harmful content.  We also decided to block youtube and all social network letting Youtube kids playing for example but cutting all possibilities to meet adult(s) from underage internaut. This robot is not only a parental control tool but also a safe browsing tool which can be used to avoid ADS, avoid Malware and Phishing attacks then it could be use in any organisation like corporations or any public organization 
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