API - ThirdBrainFx.

ThirdBrainFx lets developers, free, to use the signal we have by accessing in GET METHOD to this URL :

Just point your software to :


We send you back a JSON which needs to be decoded and give after an array of object like this :

    [openorder] => Array
            [0] => Array
                    [instrument] => USDCHF 
                    [command] => 0
                    [price] => 1.00804
                    [stoploss] => 1.00259
                    [takeprofit] => 1.04804
                    [spread] => 45
                    [strategy] => glimspy
                    [timestamp] => 1488578347
                    [datetime] => 2017-03-03 23:57:34
                    [signature] => 63a4012ac4764c6ee2c306837eb2d76f
                    [stat] => Array
                            [profit] => -1132
                            [nbtrade] => 392
                            [last7days] => -116
                            [drawdown] => -679
                            [winningperc] => 53
                            [averagewinning] => 40
                            [averageloosing] => -52
                            [tbxscore] => -5
                            [averagegainbytrade] => -3.4133699633699
                            [skewness] => 
                            [kurtosis] => 


If you need an SSL access, just write us at support@thirdbrain.ch

We simply send you back a JSON with the last 6 orders sent and the last 6 orders closed by our system WITH ALL STRATEGIES. The stats for each strategies are included inside too.

The index are quiete readable if you know trading. All gain, spread or profit are PIPS. Swap are for a 0.10 lot usually but we don't use them, just tell me if there is a problem with it.

Datetime are in GMT+2.

The "signature" inside index is to recognize a closed order for a specific trade of a specific strategies. When an EA close a trade with <signature> , we had the opened order with the "same signature".

The command are the MT4 order 0/1

We dont' send other orders than BUY and SELL (no options).

We are sending you all the signals even the worst one...the Robot takes the signal with a tbxscore superior to 7.