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for a 3 Month subscription

What is the discover membership ? The Discover MemberShip offers you during 3 months a full access to our(s) robot(s) and service(s) from Telegram channel to Robots or private page to follow orders of all our(s) robot(s). You will be able to test all the Metatrader 4 expert advisors among them the MetaRobot which is doing so great with live account and decide for you the money management, the right strategy to pick. The discover membership is then a full discovery of what ThirdBrainFx can bring you during 3 months. After you will need to pick one of our other(s) packag(es) to continue to use our(s) services.  

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What happen after i pay here ? 

First wait the payment to be proceed thanks to our partner – STRIPE – . We don’t take an hold any of your data of payment. It could take some seconds then just hold on and wait the page to be refreshed.

If you took the FULL TRADER PASS or THE DISCOVERY MEMBERSHIP PASS, you can directly browse after the payment the Expert Advisor(s) page(s) and download directly the robot. You will access to download also all technical indicators in the website as well as the page where the private link to access to the Telegram Channel. Browse our website and all will be quiete clear.

If you have any question just send us an email to, we will be happy to assist you with a 100% satisfaction rate since 2011.

If you took the Telegram access you will need to go the new page you will see “Telegram & Links” that must appear in your menu. If it’s not the case, go back to us immediatly. When you have this link in the menu, click on it and you will have the instructions to enter to the Telegram Channel.

If you want to use the Crypto Manager in premium access. Just be sure that you register with the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you are paying here . You will be automatically then upgraded to premium account after some minutes  (wait a bit). If it’s not the case, just write us and we will upgrade your account manually.