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Account NumberRanBalance Growth from start Broker used
1419612+10 days273 USD+1.83 %GCI Financial
1000095970+0 days10,085 USD+0.84 %Pacific Financial Derivatives Limited
985312-230 days3,345 USD+64.81 %Global Prime
1885554+0 days100,210 USD+0.21 %Triple A Investment Services S.A.
50827429+33 days56,222 USD+11.07 %Forex Capital Markets, LLC
7007973+3 days6,456 USD+96.9 %FBS Inc
220637+0 days13,488 USD+74.91 %TW Corp.
20730+439 days11,395 USD+12.24 %TopFX Ltd.
12322707+236 days475 USD+78.95 %Gain Capital Group, LLC
20086874+0 days202 USD+6.93 %International Capital Markets Pty Ltd.
777943+0 days357 USD+0.84 %Pepperstone Group Limited
1505276+19 days100,497 USD+7.63 %TF Global Markets (UK) Limited
7620229+12 days1,323 USD+24.41 %Pepperstone Group Limited
10121917+23 days224 USD+10.71 %International Capital Markets Pty Ltd.
213026+34 days4,007 USD+25.23 %MX Capital Corporation
1880832+0 days1,006,681 USD+0.66 %Triple A Investment Services S.A.
64637+258 days1,152 USD+22.22 %IG Group Limited
213108+194 days14,381 USD+65.23 %MX Capital Corporation
1073395+662 days31,166 USD+19.78 %Swissquote Bank SA
1218521642+142 days100,480 USD+0.48 %Swissquote Bank SA
3872802+307 days219 USD+3.65 %OANDA DIVISION1
20535+134 days3,249 USD+7.66 %TopFX Ltd. (MaxFX)
1882169+34 days101,047 USD+0.41 %Triple A Investment Services S.A.
20480837+7 days4,984 USD+3.05 %AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd
461991+25 days3,935 USD+1.42 %AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd
2695913+0 days167 USD+51.5 %XM Global Limited
71136787+0 days1,057 USD+5.39 %Forex Capital Markets, LLC
456807+12 days5,349 USD+6.52 %Tallinex Limited
1005718971+30 days526,329 USD+5.06 %PT Monex Investindo Futures
2089395207+0 days10,266 USD+2.59 %Tickmill Ltd
1365897+3 days1,011,670 USD+1.15 %GCI Financial
1218468557+22 days101,173 USD+1.16 %Swissquote Bank SA
1104492+62 days25,174 USD+0.69 %Swissquote Bank SA
89012452+27 days986 USD+49.29 %Forex Capital Markets Limited
410704+2 days21,168 USD+2.65 %Pepperstone Group Limited
81940323+70 days2,432 USD+17.76 %Forex Capital Markets, LLC
33137359-103 days486 USD+2.06 %XM Global Limited
1000096005+9 days10,798 USD+7.39 %Pacific Financial Derivatives Limited
1365899+2 days1,004,604 USD+0.46 %GCI Financial
1218543386+0 days100,388 USD+0.39 %Swissquote Bank SA
1885156+73 days3,933 USD+23.72 %Triple A Investment Services S.A.
35918216+9 days51,334 USD+1.47 %GAIN Capital UK Limited
1218451044+29 days5,000 USD+60 %Swissquote Bank SA
285451-48 days7,137 USD+0.88 %OANDA DIVISION2
1218455868+6 days5,210 USD+4.03 %Swissquote Bank SA
1218549346+56 days109,463 USD+8.64 %Swissquote Bank SA
78044660+357 days5,973 USD+9.69 %Forex Capital Markets
261512+102 days1,495 USD+55.25 %TW Corp.
900351-628 days23,465 USD+0.07 %X-Trade Brokers DM SA
91013253+32 days7,680 USD+31.09 %Forex Capital Markets
1000011599+147 days201 USD+0.5 %International Capital Markets Pty Ltd.
91544483+6 days8,271 USD+47.72 %Gain Capital Group, LLC
2100041684+6 days1,287 USD+0.31 %Darwinex
119505+32 days2,624 USD+3.2 %FX Choice Limited
2088906989+25 days1,048,882 USD+4.66 %Darwinex
1354425+4 days24,410 USD+3.42 %GCI Financial
901048888-0 days10,444 USD+4.25 %MX Capital Corporation
2522795+0 days38 USD+68.42 %Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Ltd
5853990+12 days1,036 USD+3.47 %FBS Inc
4777869+8 days221 USD+9.5 %OANDA DIVISION1
1880220+0 days1,087,338 USD+8.03 %Triple A Investment Services S.A.
504323+30 days704 USD+0.28 %VantageFX Pty Ltd.
130196972+14 days5,000 USD+60 %FXDD
77011224+212 days10,000 USD+54.97 %Gain Capital Group, LLC
1000096525+14 days10,620 USD+5.84 %Pacific Financial Derivatives Limited
70474116+84 days5,168 USD+3.25 %FxPro Financial Services Ltd
29580673+12 days1,855 USD+6.04 %Alpari International Limited
1300365457+91 days10,176 USD+1.73 %Leverate
1218472660+291 days104,421 USD+4.23 %Swissquote Bank SA
1300439865+4 days9,202 USD+0.91 %Leverate
1263560+554 days1,966 USD+33.88 %Tallinex Limited
92864+150 days2,331 USD+87.95 %GCI Financial Ltd.
62949011+48 days5,218 USD+4.18 %Forex Capital Markets, LLC
20075997-0 days21,717 USD+1.06 %International Capital Markets Pty Ltd.
500238045+14 days94,795 USD+0.4 %GKFX Financial Services Limited
62953414+41 days5,974 USD+16.3 %Forex Capital Markets, LLC
1218475947+19 days5,048 USD+0.95 %Swissquote Ltd
10004206-0 days3,043 USD+1.41 %LQD Limited
1218557192+23 days1,011 USD+1.09 %Elana Trading AD
461718-391 days1,599 USD+19.26 %AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd
6020753+17 days10,060 USD+0.6 %London Capital Group
2089313056+21 days11,098 USD+79.23 %Tickmill Ltd
1218533093+183 days108,788 USD+8.08 %Swissquote Bank SA