The Ten Commandments of an amateur FOREX trader.

admin - April 7th, 2021

The journey with automated trading robots is different between each trader, we explain you why – Lesson II.

What is the minimum of capital i need to use to play with a robot ? – Lesson I.

Why trading is hard ? (and how we help you)

What are the secrets of a good cryptocurrency portfolio ?

ThirdBrainFx Robot results (from 2016)

Change your start capital and select a timeframe. You change strategies to find the best strategies for your financial goals. Lot size are the lot size computed inside the Metatrader 4 software. 0.1 lots is 10'000 USD played on the market. This lot could be changed in the expert advisor but our expert advisor decide for you by default. The Risk you are taking depends on the lot size but also on your capital, and the maximal drawdown.

You need also to understand that we are presenting past results of our(s) robot(s). The robot had this results BUT you have no certitude that your experience will be the same exactly. A robot with a good track record means that the behavior was right with the market at the time it was playing. It's why we absolutely advice you to test first the robot on a demo account to know how is playing and secondly to start with the recommended capital, not less. Under this recommended capital your risk will be really too high.

ThirdBrainFx is serving traders since 2011.

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$255 bn

It's the part in 2020 of assets managed by robots like ThirdBrainFx.

Since 2011

ThirdbrainFx is recognized as an expert in automated finance fields followed by many traders worldwide. More than 200 financial institutions use us.

ThirdBrainFx is the result of a long-term project.

Based on severals years of development on man-machine interfaces designed to reproduce the behaviour of a human trader, our aim is to understand the motivations of leading traders to take advantage of the remarkable opportunities available in the foreign exchange market.

This is the biggest market in the world, with trillions of dollars traded every day.

Our software is designed to give you a small place at that table and help your savings grow with rates of return that you will never get from your bank, even though it uses YOUR money to carry out the same foreign exchange transactions every day.

We are confident that one of our products will match your risk profile and financial requireme

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