What is the SMS service ?

We are sending you the best trade of our(s) robot(s) by SMS.

It's a piece of advice only. We don't do any money management adapted to your trading account then you need to manage the money management aspect.

we are sending 2 to 5 proposals of trade by day and by Session.

Only market entry for the moment because we figure out that people were missing closing ones sometimes or they come outside their hour then it's a piece of advice.

We have 4 sessions (Europe, America, Oceania, Asia,)

You have an example of the SMS sent here

Each line of this log is a SMS sent to a customer. 

For example :

AUDCHF BUY at 0.73425 SL : 0.71823, TP : 0.76233,1 , Goal : 14 pips, Time : 57.7 H , X113

SMS sent

We send you an instrument to look at, a direction, a price to open around, a stop loss and a take profit, a goal which is the average winning trade of this strategy (see after), the "time" which is the average time this strategy need to reach this goal and a strategy (here X113 or Jupiter). 

You can look at the performance of this strategy going here :

And then adapt what you will follow or not.

The "T" is the Trust score, a 100% means that we are very confident. You can have trust as low as 80% but not less.