Frequently Asked Question


What is ThirdBrainFx Universal Robo-Advisor ? ThirdbrainFx Robo-advisor is an automatic software that directly and automatically sell and buy financial instrument in your trading account. A trading account is a bank account.

Why ThirdBrainFx will be better than other financial product ? Now, the bank offers you rates that are not good. You can go more than 2 or 3% in most of the countries and up to 10% in some countries but your money is not really working when this money stays at your bank. In Switzerland for example, the rate is even smaller, we speak about 0.1% maximum for a classic account. Our system offers you, with some risks, to have the same rate in one week and a lot more in 1 month, 2 month or a year. It's a short term strategy to invest fast and get results fast.

Are you a bank or a broker ? No, we only give the software. You need to pick the right broker or the right bank. We are not linked to them in any case and don't advice to pick one. We have a contract with FXDD as broker but you can take an another broker for example. It's not a problem. A broker is a company which allow you to open an account to access to the market where our software can run.

What i need to run this software ? You need Metatrader 4 with an account with a brokerage company. We can host all and take care of all. You can contact us at if you want us to do the technical part. We will give you access in real time to the result.

With what broker did you test the ThirdBrainFx Robo-Advisor and you are sure it's working ? We tested with SwissQuotes, TopFx, FXCM, FXDD, FxPro, AvaTrade, AAAFx and EverFx but you can try other brokers.

What the software is doing on my account ? The software use advanced technologies as artificial intelligence and machine learning to send you the good trades for your account. All will be done automatically without your intervention. You just need to wait...

I just bought the robot, what i need to do now ?
You just need to install the robot following the setup guide here :

What are the fees ? Check our(s) plan(s) going to Pricing


Can i use this Robot with any broker for any number of account i want ? Yes, unlimited brokers, unlimited accounts. Your broker need only to have Metatrader 4 running.


Are the fees automatically taken from my account ? NO, we don't have any agreement with any broker in that way and we won't. It's always a volunteer decision from you to pay a bill. We will never force you to pay. It's not our philosophy while our software needs a good relationship finally to work fine. You are making money, you will pay the bill and if you are losing money, you will quit us then it's quite clear and simple.

Do i need to fill my email address in the robo-advisor ? "Need"=> YES, it's mandatory.

 What happen if the account don't have the instrument you are playing with ?
First, we send the signal the robot think is right, after the robot itself try to pass the order. If the order is not sent for any reason. The Robot will take an another later with another instrument or the same. There is no impact related to that. Note that Commodities or CFD, index instrument can have some problems as we need to add manually some equivalence in our server because the name are not the same depending on the broker. If you notice that a broker doesn't take "this instrument" from our robo, just send us an email with the instrument which seems to not be taken and the name of the broker, we will add it in our backoffice. Write again at

How many trades do you robot will open ?
We are not speaking in term of trades but in term of lots and allocation size. The Robot is computing a maximum lot size for all the trade produced by our ThirdBrainFx robot inside your account. This computation is dynamic and depends on various parameters. If there is room and still enough room for new trade - it means that we did not reach the maximum lot size for all positions - , we will continue to send you signals. There is also a 4 trades max controlled by the server side. You can reduce this amount of trade manually inside the EA but you can't go superior to 4. The goal is to try to maintain the drawdown as low as possible by reducing the risk when we can and exposing you to risk when we think the market is ready for that.

Can i trade manually in the same account without interfence ? YES, as long you are not using the same magic number with another expert advisor. YES. The Robot will only take the balance and the equity of the account to play with but won't touch to your manual (or other robo) trades.

Can the other Robot interfere with ThirdBrainFX Robot The answer is NO and YES. NO if you know the code and know how to avoid this problem and YES if you don't know the code of the other expert advisor.

Can i close manually position sent by the Robot ? Yes, and we won't send again it. It's your choice and is not interfering with our algorithm then you can use it like you want when you want.

Can i forbid your robot to play with some instrument? No, not for the moment, we will add this features in new release but you can do it manually inside Metatrader 4 by enabling only the instrument you want. The robot won't working with the disabled instrument. It's a trick

Can i stop the robot to trade ? Yes, just detach the robo-advisor from the charts where the robot is and it will stop the robo-advisor

What happen to my trades if the Robot don't have access to Internet for any reason ? If the Robot don't have access to our server, the Robot will stop accepting new trades but will continue to monitor trades already sent. We put 2 "local" Expert Advisor inside our expert advisor to monitor your trades without the link to our server to avoid any problem if the link is broken then the Robo Advisor will continue to run and manage the trades in the best way possible in such occasion but the best is to keep the link right. We always try to setup also Stop Loss and Take Profit for each trade then you have 2 protections outside the server monitoring.

I have "Disconnected from ThirdBrainFx" After checking your own internet connection, the connection to the broker too, you need to check if you did all the steps here right : Just do again all this steps one time and if it's not working write us at

Do you have a manual explaining the input parameters in detail and how to use manage the EA Yes, we provide you a complete documentation and a full support by our team, we can setup for you the expert advisor and help you to find broker and/or hosting for a VPS.
must the EA be attached to the chart to operate effectively ?
EA must be attached to only ONE chart and the EURUSD M1 charts is the best one.
your install instructions, say attach to EURUSD M1 chart.

I noticed it trades multiple currencies, so can i attach to any other chart ?

Yes, right but it's the EURUSD M1 where the update are the more frequent then it's why we advice EURUSD M1 but you could attach to another chart indeed.

the expert log is showing error # 4106, because the broker does not have that symbol. will this compromise the effectiveness of the EA We are logging the errors on your account in any case. The "good things" about this EA is that we have a good amount of alternative trade then it won't impact the EA because every account has a different experience - it's one of the advantage of this EA

another error in the expert log is error # 129, invalid price. will this compromise the effectiveness of the EA No, the EA has a big amount of alternative trade to be sent. All errors are logged and we try to re-push an another trade differently later. In any case , it won't impact badly your EA. You will only run the EA with other behavior/trades/strategies which are also performing great.

Do i need to use a VPS ? Any computer with Internet with a stable A/C is good. Finally a Laptop because of the battery is the best. You won't have any interruption. I personnaly ran a lot of test of expert advisor in laptop in the past and some of them was running during month and month without any problem. a VPS is more expensive in any case and it's the state of the art situation. Depends on the amount of money you want to invest in any case. We can provide VPS with our cloud based hosting and manage them too for you. The starting price is around 50 USD monthly for 1 GHZ/2GB RAM, 50 GB SSD with us but you could have cheaper in another hosting perhaps. Our hosting is at the same physical place of our signal in fact and use the GB link inside our private network to get the orders. You could setup up to 6 MT4 on it with a daily reboot at midnight on a Window server 2008. If you want an VPS, we advice to take UPCLOUD with a 25 USD bonus clicking here : Claim my 25 USD bonus here !

The EA is closing trades just after opened it and is doing that for every trade since i started, what happen ?
Do you have a difference between equity and balance very high ? for example a 40% or a 50% or even more ? do this difference is due to external and/or manual trades outside the robot ? If yes, just stop the robot from now and wait for your trades "external to the robot" to be close. When you have a balance nearby the equity, restart the robot . The best is to have no external trades outside the robot running when you begin to run the robot.
is it ok to make other trade, i.e. personal manual ones and other EA's, while the ThirdBrainFx one is running. Will this impact the running of the ThirdBrainFx robot It's ok to do it. In the version 14 we have now, the impact is at the maximum lot size your account can support in the way of thinking of the EA. Indeed our EA defines a maxium lot size which is the sum of all trades running in the account. This sum will take your manual trades too. Also the version 14 send to our server the result of your own manual trading too and the EA could select then instrument where you are successfull (for broker's reason as spread ect..). Then there is an impact, yes, but this impact could be only positive for performances but will reduce the frequency of trading of the EA in fact.

I assume it is best to not interfere with trades opened by this robot, i.e. modify or close trades It's, it's what we recommend but one time again if you are trading manually at the same time and can watch the trades you can act on it too to keep profit for example. If you close a trade manually, the EA won't be lost in any case and will count the result in its own algorythm for your account. (each account will produce different experience) and then for example if the EA "see" that you are performing with EURGBP, the EA will send you more EURGBP trades. The impact is at this level.

is there any particular session this robot is optimal for, like new york and london, or is it best to leave the robot running 24/7 If you have a deposit superior to 1000-2000 USD and a broker allowing micro-lot with indices, we have good indices from asian session as HK33 or US session like Nasdaq or European Session like CAC, DAX and FTSE then the robot don't perform better with a session from an another. The best is 24/24 7/7 .

Nothing appear, no can i check that all is OK ? First, do this "todo list " The list of things that are most likely to fix Expert Advisors problems on MT4 client terminal:

1- “Autotrading” option should be turned on in the top toolbar of the MT4 terminal window.
2 - “Allow live trading” option should be selected in the “EA Properties” window. Look for smiley face in the right-top corner of the chart. Sometimes this option doesn't exist depending on the version of your MT4
3- “Long & Short” positions should be enabled for normal Expert Advisor operation.
4- The “Allow DLL imports” option should be selected in the “EA Properties” window.
5 - The EA’s the “Allow import of external experts” option should be selected in the “EA Properties” window.
6 - Check configuration in the “Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors” window.
7 - Check the “Experts” tab for error messages at the bottom of the MT4 terminal window.
8 - Check the “Journal” tab for error messages at the bottom of the MT4 terminal window.
9 - Check if MT4 terminal is connected to the broker server.
10 - Check if your Internet connection has no problems.
11- Restart MT4 client terminal. If you did 1 to 11 without any problem and you was connected one time to our service, you can check what errors was seen by our server by loggin in your account :

Log with your email only And after select "Log" in the list of account at the bottom.

And scroll down at the bottom in the next page, click on "Check Error".

Or go to (replacing [put your MT4 ID here] by your MT4 account number :[put your MT4 ID here]

Check what kind of error was discovered by our server (if there is errors).

You must have something like that : 0|EA enabled|DEMO|Connected|Trades allowed|Not Busy|c:mt4aaafx5nucleus|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|3.74 If it's written EA disabled >>> Enable the Automated Trading (See before) If it's written "Trades not allowed" >>>

check if the instrument exists or not... For any question, contact the support à