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The journey with automated trading robots is different between each trader, we explain you why – Lesson II.

When you use an automated trading robot for forex, stocks or metals, your journey will depend a lot of the moment you start with this robot. The important “Key Indicator” will be when you have probability to have a winning account and what % of gain you can reach after what time but the beginning…

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Why trading is hard ? (and how we help you)

Don’t beleive majority of the ads in the Forex Industry. Only 10% of people are making money with trading and these people have in common one thing : they can wait and have the right capital to wait.   Jumping onboard our membership program for only 99 USD lifetime access will give you access to…

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What ThirdBrainFx gives you and others doesn’t give you.

ThirdBrainFx is producing robots for Forex Market since 2011 serving dozens of thousand of traders worlwide. The membership you will get at only 99 USD lifetime subscription will give you access to our(s) robot(s), the spirit we are developing and the advices we are giving you to play correctly on forex market. With ThirdBtainFx, your…

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