Burst option with ThirdbrainFx Ea

What is the "burst option" ?

The Burst options multiply by 5 the lot size of each trade during a number of trades you fix. The idea is to have a "burst effect" thanks to our(s) strategi(es) with a high winning rate. After the burst number of trades is reached, the EA stops trading.

You can raise the burst "number" to continue to trade. You will be warned by email when the BURST LIMIT is reached.

How can i activate the "burst option" ? 

It's simple. In your EA, just put a number in "portfolio code" variable. The number you fill is the number of trades the EA needs to take before to stop with the burst option.

The burst option is setuped at 5

To stop the burst effect, for the moment, you need to go through our support at support@thirdbrain.ch to come back to normal or use the system inside your personal zone area.

We give you personally the way to stop the burst effect after to let do it by yourself later.

You can continue "to burst" by modifying the number of trades. For example if you stopped at 5, you can put 10 and then you will have 5 more trades..